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24 April - 15 August 1979

"Christ's Mission and Message -- No Immortal Soul" In going through the New Testament to see why it is that we have believed that the Bible says exactly the opposite of what it does say, and why it is that we today are practicing customs that are the very anti-thesis of the things that Jesus did, and He said that we should do as He did, and Peter said that we should follow His steps -- He set us an example. Why is it that we are believing things today that were never believed by Christ, never taught by Christ, never taught or believed by the Church as it started out in its purity under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of the Apostles who were under the direct direction of Jesus Christ, the head of the Church. So now here we are, blowing the dust off our bibles, getting back to see, through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John what Jesus did teach -- and He did not teach what most of us have been taught since little children to believe He taught.

"What the True Church Will Be Like" Why is it, my friends, that you have not heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather a message of men, a gospel of men, about His person, but not the message that Christ Himself brought and preached? Now do you know that that message was not the message of Christ either -- so far as that was concerned -- it was not Christ's message as all. Actually it was the message of God the Father.

"Born Again"Why is it -- let me ask once again, my friends -- that you have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather a false gospel -- a gospel that masquerades as the gospel of Jesus Christ, that which in fact is merely a gospel about His person and which represents Jesus Christ as a sort of smart-aleck young man who knew more than His Father and came to do away with His Father's law -- to knock it in the head, and to institute a new and different kind of religion. Now Jesus did not introduce any new and different kind of religion whatsoever. He did come to bring a message that the world had not understood or known, although it had been declared -- at least in its broad outline to the prophets of old.

"The Purpose Being Worked Out Here Below" My friends, one of the most shocking things that can possibly happen is to wake up to find out that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not what we have believed at all and that we have not heard it. And that what we have believed is exactly the opposite of what the Bible says and what Jesus actually taught. Here's one reason -- as we're going through the New Testament again, summarizing the teaching of Jesus, the example that He set.

"Sermon on the Mount" Why is it that nearly everybody today seems to believe the Bible says exactly the opposite of what it does say? Why is it people do not know what it says -- they misunderstand? Why is it you have not been hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ?

"Sermon on the Mount, continued" Did you know that what has been recognized as the greatest sermon ever preached was actually not a sermon at all, but merely a matter of Jesus Christ talking to His disciples? And, what He told them in that so-called sermon on the mount -- the greatest sermon ever preached -- had to do with world conditions and with the world tomorrow. Let's look at it.

"Sermon on the Mount, continued" And now my friends, prepare yourselves to hear the most wonderful sermon ever preached. At least that's what people have always called it. The Sermon on the Mount has been called the most wonderful sermon ever preached -- but do you understand it?

"Sermon on the Mount, continued" You have heard, my friends, that Jesus Christ came to do away with His Father's commandments. That God's Laws, the Laws of God, are not good and that the Laws of God are contrary to our best interests, that they are bad for us and Jesus made us free to break the Laws of God and to do what we please and what seems good in the sight of man.

"Sermon on the Mount, continued" Listen. I know that there are very few of you now listening who do not have some serious trouble, sickness or worry in your family. Perhaps you think that no one else has the problems, the troubles, the hardships that seem to beset you.

"Sermon on the Mount, continued" Yes, there is good news, if only we can understand it, and heed it. As I mentioned, however, yesterday, there are serious troubles -- financial troubles, family troubles, every other kind of trouble, some kind of tremendous problem bearing down on the family of practically every one of you now listening. If it isn't hitting you personally, its hitting somebody in your family.

"Ten Commandments"Listen. Where did we get Christmas? Where did it come from -- did it come out of the Bible, or did it come out of paganism?

"Spirit of the Law"… known as the Greatest Sermon ever preached, and yet they actually don't believe a word of it, they don't believe it was practical. They don't think that it was a good standard to live by at all. They believe just the opposite of what Jesus said in that sermon -- why?

"Prayer"Is there anything to prayer? Did you ever stop to think about that? Is it just a superstition?

"The Narrow Way"You know, I used to say, well, all of these churches can't be wrong, you can't tell me that they're all wrong, these are the churches of Christ -- of course they are. Of course, they may be a little divided -- one believes one thing, another another, along certain lines, but then does that make any difference? These are all really Christian churches -- don't they all call themselves Christian?

"Law and Grace"Do people today believe what Jesus preached in the Sermon on the Mount? If you'd read that again, you would be shocked and surprised how few people believe it -- and how many people seem to think that Jesus was all wrong -- at least that's the way they live -- that's the way they talk. Do they do what He said?

"Law and Grace, continued"My friends, in today's world, I wonder if you understand the difference between the True Church of God, and I mean the Church that Jesus Christ said He would build? You know, Jesus Christ said, "I will build My Church." Where is that Church?

"True Church Does God's Will" Now, once again my friends, what is the difference between the Church, the True Church that Jesus Christ said He would build, and that He did build -- the Church that He said the gates of hell shall not prevail against -- and the other churches, denominations, sects, organizations, and cults and everything of the kind that we have so many of in this world in this day? As I have said before, the Church of Jesus Christ is the Church that is obedient to Christ and obedient to God. It doesn't lean to its own reason -- it doesn't say, "well, this is the way it looks to me."

"God's Plan and Why Men Suffer Now" … that our generation has been living though. Why such terrifying world conditions as we face now? I've been asked that question more often than any other.

"God's Authority" Now, in continuing, I want to get back into this theme we've been in, going through the New Testament -- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John -- to see what Jesus Christ did preach and why you have not been hearing it. Why you have not been hearing the true gospel of Jesus Christ -- but rather a man-made gospel about His person, which has been substituted for the gospel that God sent by Him and which He taught His disciples, and that which the early Church -- as it started out in all its purity -- did preach.

"Daniel 11" … is going to happen. Will Russia ever invade? Will Russia ever conquer the United States? My friends, a most unexpected event is going to happen in the meantime that is going to take the breath of Russia, as well as rock the United States back on its heals.

"Christ's Authority Over Disease" Well, my friends, lets get back into this series, going through the New Testament to see exactly what Jesus Christ did preach and why you haven't heard it, because you've been hearing a message about the person of Christ, but not the message that He preached. God Almighty sent Jesus Christ to this earth, and He said, "I have spoken nothing of Myself. The Father that sent Me, He gave me a commandment what I should say and what I should speak."

"The Bible's and Christ's Authority" Well, now let's get on with this series to see just why it is that you have not been hearing the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We've been hearing a gospel about the person of Christ. We've heard a lot about what a wonderful man He was.

"Essential Knowledge Known Only By Revelation" My friends, what's wrong with the world today? I'll tell you what's really wrong. It's because our men, our leaders, our great men, the men at the head of government, the men at the head of great businesses, the men that really run the works, are too limited in their knowledge, in their wisdom, and in their ability.

"Law and Justification" Now, getting back again to this series, to see what Jesus Christ did preach. You've heard all about Christ. You've heard a gospel about Him, but have you ever heard His gospel?

"USA and Britain in Prophecy" What is prophesied, for tomorrow, for the United States? My friends, 90% of the prophecies of the Bible, and 1/3 of the Bible is prophecy, and 90% of that pertains to our pulsating present and the next 20 or 30 years of our history. And the United States, together with the British Commonwealth, is the very focal center of those momentous moments.

"Sign of Jonah and Christ's Messiahship" How do you know, my friends, that Jesus Christ is the Messiah that was prophesied to come? If you were asked for absolute proof, what would you give? How could you prove that the Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah?

"Jonah's Sign" My friends, what happens when a person dies? Does he go someplace? Does he go to heaven or hell, or some other place?

"How to Search for Truth" … most. It will rock this world in wonder and amazement. It's going to result, finally, in world peace, and in a new and happy world tomorrow. But this very next world shaking event will not be peace, for men will bring this upon themselves and men know not the way of peace.

"Many Deceivers Preach in Christ's Name" My friends, haven't you always supposed that Jesus Christ spoke in parables in order to make the meaning more clear -- sort of illustrated so that people would understand it better? Well you've been wrong. Once again, we are going through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament to see why it is that you have not been hearing the message of Jesus Christ.

"The Parable of the Sower" … the message of Jesus Christ. Why have we not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ? Why is it that the gospel we have heard is the gospel of men, not the gospel of Christ -- but a gospel of men about Christ. They have come preaching that He is the Christ.

"Why Christ Used Parables" My friends, why is it that Jesus spoke in parables so that the people could not understand? Now we have always supposed, of course, most people have, that the reason that Jesus Christ spoke in parables was to make the meaning more clear -- sort of illustrated so people would understand better. But we have been seeing that He did exactly the opposite -- but why?

"The Kingdom of God" My friends, why does God permit wars? Why does God permit suffering on this earth? Why does He permit poverty?

"Pagan Traditions and Christ's Parables" …. and all of that. People still believe that just like Adam did. They wouldn't believe God. But we are mortal and we are dust, while we have a mind that far exceeds and excels anything that we find in the brain, for instance, of any other animal life we find on earth, such as dogs, or monkeys, or cats, or elephants, or snakes, or fish or birds or anything that you can see.

"The Parable of the Tares" And once again, let me ask, why does God permit wars? Why does God permit suffering? Why does He permit poverty and unhappiness on this earth?

"Christ's Parables" But my friends, the news today is not good. Most of the news in the world today is only of fear of war, preparation for war, human suffering, suicides, murders, gangsterism. Well, why does God permit all this suffering?

"Christ's Parables, continued" My friends, do you know what is the World Tomorrow? It's the very thing that was the subject of the true gospel which God sent to mankind and which mankind has spurned and rejected and which we have not been hearing about for over 1800 years. Believe it or not, the true Kingdom of God has not been proclaimed, and people have not been hearing about it, and that was the message, the only true gospel which God sent by Jesus Christ.

"Why Wars and Suffering?" Well, why do we have such bad news in the world today? Recently, I've been asking in a number of these programs, why does God permit wars? Why does God permit so much suffering in the world today?

"Healing and Christ's Garment" … home there is sickness. In almost every mind there is fear and worry, and we're having struggles and our problems and our troubles. Almost every life is empty and we try to invent every idea of a pastime or a pleasure just to crowd out our own emptiness and feeling of unhappiness and all that sort of thing, and pass the time away.

"Healing and the Anointed Cloth" … to a lot of people, because they've not, as a rule, the largest, most powerful, and most dignified sects and denominations. Very often, my friends, these things are done in a wrong manner that only heaps ridicule upon them. But, actually, you know, when we look back into the life and the experience of Jesus Christ, to see what He did, to see the example that He set, to see the things that He did say, to see what He taught, and how He commissioned His disciples, and when we look into the early church to see just what the apostles and the elders and the leaders in the true church, as it was led by the Spirit of God, did do in those early years of the true church, we do receive some surprises.

"Healing" … life, the ministry, and the experience of Jesus Christ -- the example that He set. In finding out why it is that He taught exactly contrary to what the churches teach today. They call themselves Christian. They say they're preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, but they do preach a gospel about Christ, about His person -- they exalt Christ, but they do not preach the things that He proclaimed and that He taught.

"Healing and Your Faith" My friends, why does nearly everybody believe exactly the opposite of what the Bible says? That is, why do they think it says exactly the opposite of what it does say? Why is it, as Bruce Barton said, "The Book Nobody Knows?"

"God's Message Always Rejected by Man" And it's a good thing that the news for tomorrow is good, because today's news is very bad. Why do we have bad news today? Why do we have all these troubles all over the world?

"Christ's Message Rejected" But, my friends, why do we have wars today? Why do we have all this unhappiness? You know, I begin, I believe, every sermon, every broadcast that I might preach, the remainder of my lifetime, by asking and answering that question -- Why does God permit wars?

"How to Live by God's Law" But I can't give you very much good news for today. Today's news is never good. Did you ever notice that?

"Requirements for God's Kingdom" My friends, why is it that today we not only have bad news, but we hear a kind of preaching that's certainly different from that which the people were hearing when Jesus Christ was on earth or during the ministry of the true Church of God under the apostles in the first century after Christ had ascended to heaven? Now, we've been going through the New Testament to see what Jesus did teach, and what He taught His disciples, what they preached. And we have been here in the 9th and 10th chapters of Matthew where Jesus had sent His disciples out on a practice mission.

"Man Rejects God's Way" And again, we could have good news today if we knew the way. There is only one reason why we are having all the troubles, the wars, and everything we have, that's because we don't know the way to peace, to prosperity, to happiness, to every thing we want. That way has been revealed, the way has been made known, and men have always rejected it.

"Repent" Now, my friends, once again, why is it that we have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, but a gospel of men about this person? Now we've been going though the New Testament to see what gospel Jesus did preach, what He taught His disciples, and the customs that He practiced. We have just seen during the past week how Jesus was sending His students -- His learners (because the word disciple means a student or a learner) -- out on a practice preaching mission.

"Faith" Well, my friends, we could have good news today if we knew the way. The only reason that we don't have good news is that men have rejected the way that would bring it about. We could have everything good if we wanted.

"The 5000 Wanted More Physical Food" … fed these 5000 men, and a lot of women and children, the number of women and children was not numbered. The very next day, in the synagogue over in Capernaum, across the sea, that very same crowd that had taken the loaves and the fishes from the hand of Christ, and by the miracle that He performed out of compassion for them, rejected Him and turned away from Him when He offered them really spiritual food instead of just material position. They wanted Him to be a political messiah that would free them from the Roman yoke right then and there.

"Christ's Flesh" And now, in the preceding program, my friends, we were seeing a few rather strange things that are not generally understood today and certainly not taught in the churches today. Why is it that we do not today hear the same message that Jesus Christ preached -- the gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather a different gospel today? A message about His person, certainly, but not the message that He preached.

"Some Offended by Christ's Message" And once again, I want to tell you that we could have good news today if we knew the way. But humanity, long ago, lost its way and it doesn't know the way to everything it wants, to peace, to happiness, to prosperity, to all of the really good things of a really well-filled, interested and abundant life. We don't find much of that on the earth today.

"The Religion of Judaism" And again, I say, we ought to have good news today, and we could have it, and there is a way to have it if we only would be willing to find that way. My friends, you know that it is possible to believe in Jesus Christ, to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, to worship Jesus Christ and still be completely lost and unsaved. You know that a great many people are actually doing that.

"Mr. Armstrong's Genealogy" Now, as we have been going though the New Testament to see what Jesus Christ did preach and why it is that we haven't heard it today, and why we've been taught to believe exactly the opposite of His message, and how it came about that men rejected His message. They crucified Him and then they began to accept His name, they went forth in the power of the authority of His name, with the prestige of His name, but they rejected His message. The message of Jesus Christ was the message of the Kingdom of God -- the good news of the World Tomorrow.

"Christ's True Gospel" And now, continuing my friends, the actual life and the ministry of Jesus Christ to see why it is that He taught something entirely different than that we hear today. You know that's the most astonishing thing of this time. That what we have accepted as the gospel of Jesus Christ is something all together different than the gospel that Jesus Christ Himself taught, or the gospel that the apostles taught the world, or the gospel that the Apostle Paul took to the gentiles.

"God's Time Table" And once again, why don’t we have better news today? If mankind had listened to the message that God Almighty sent by Jesus Christ, if the world believed it and followed that way, we would have good news today. But instead, we have to tell you about the good news of the World Tomorrow.

"'Christianity' Mostly Pagan" My friends, why is it that today we are in such religious confusion? Why is it that there seem to be more than one Jesus Christ being proclaimed today? And why is it that the message that Jesus Christ brought is not known today and people believe exactly the opposite and they can become very much riled up and explosive if anyone tells them what Jesus Christ taught, what He believed, because they believe just the opposite -- they are conformed to this world which has a different doctrine today?

"Christ's Mission and Message" Now my Friends, if you have a Bible, open it and see some surprises! And see how the Bible does not say what you thought it said. And how we have been taught to believe exactly the opposite.

"Resurrection or Heaven?" And now, get out your Bibles and look with your own eyes and be surprised! See how the Bible says exactly the opposite of what you thought! And how the teaching of Jesus was not the teaching of the so-called Christianity of this day.

"Christ's Mission and Message, continued" Yes, it’s a wonderful thing that news is going to be good, tomorrow. There is a reason why it isn't good today. And it isn't good because we haven't made it good.

" Hades and Gehenna Explained" And now my Friends, get out your Bibles and see some things that are going to astonish you! Why is it that you have been brought up to believe exactly the opposite of what the Bible says. That is, to believe it says just exactly the opposite that it does.

"Matthew 18:15; Prayer" And now, once again, will you get out your Bibles. Will you open them up and see how you have believed that the Bible says exactly the opposite of what it does? At least in so many very fundamental places and fundamental precepts, fundamental teachings and doctrines.

"Matthew 18:21; Forgiveness & Repentance" Why is it, my friends, that today we hear a so-called way of salvation proclaimed that’s exactly the opposite that Jesus Christ proclaimed that we should receive eternal life? Why is it that we hear doctrines promulgated today exactly the opposite of those that the Apostle Paul taught the Gentiles? Because he taught exactly as Jesus Christ had taught His disciples.

"The Feast of Tabernacles & God's Law" My Friends, get out your Bibles and have a shock! Because I think there is nothing more shocking than to learn that the Bible says exactly the opposite of what you've been taught you think it says. Why have you not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ?

"The Ten Tribes of Israel" Why is it, my friends, that so many people today, especially those of higher education, look upon Christianity as a superstition? Why is it they feel we have outgrown this superstition now? Why is it that they can't see anything practical about it?

"The Feast of Tabernacles" (continued) And now, once again, here comes some surprises. My Friends, its time to blow the dust off your Bibles and see what they say, and I ask you see it with your own eyes. Will you get a Bible now?

"The Feast of Tabernacles" (continued) And now, once again, my Friends, there is no greater surprise than to open your Bibles and see what it does say because it doesn't say what most people think in this time, this day and age -- it says just the opposite. No wonder people don't understand it. People try to interpret it.

"John 8:1-16" And today's news could be good if we knew the way. If we knew the way to Peace, to happiness, to prosperity, to everything good. There is a way and we just reap what we sow.

"John 8; Hebrews 1:6; Isaiah 8" And now, once again, what about this world today? Its not a very happy world and there is a reason. The World Tomorrow is going to be a world of peace.

"The Majority Don't Know Christ's Message" My Friends, you wouldn't believe, would you, (I know most of you wouldn't from the teaching we have just absorbed and come to believe), that it is possible for millions of people to really seek Jesus Christ? To really seek Him and to believe on Him and still be lost? I'm going to show you by the very teaching of Jesus that that's exactly what is happening and that’s what the majority are actually doing -- that is who do seek Him at all.

"What Did Christ Teach?" But my Friends, what's wrong with the world today? It seems that everything's wrong with it -- but do you know why? Why is it in this world in which we live, this upset, chaotic, war-fearing world, why is it that the churches are not proving to be the stabilizing influence that could save this world?

"What is the True Church Like?" (Part 1) Then, once again I say, what's wrong with this world today? The thing that’s wrong is that the churches have not had the true medicine to save this world. They haven't provided the stabilizing influence, they haven't had the knowledge, they haven't set the example to change this world into what it should be, and to lead this world into the way of peace and into the way of happiness and all that we ought to have.

"What is the True Church Like?" (Part 2) My friends, once again, let me ask, where is the True Church that Jesus Christ did build? We look about us and we see churches on a great many street corners today, our land is literally dotted with churches -- many, many different denominations. Now there must be a right and a true church -- which one is the right one?

"What is the True Church Like?" (Part 3) Where is the True Church today? Which is the True Church -- there is so many, many different denominations. Is any one of these that you see, the Church that Jesus said He would build? Jesus Christ said "I will build My Church".

"What is the True Church Like?" (Part 4) Well, its about time that we began to learn which is the right church of all these churches, of all these church denominations. You know we go along taking them for granted -- and very few, except to be a little bewildered once in awhile, stop to ask which is the right church and how can we find it? Can all of them be right, and all of them disagree?

"John 8" Now we've just been seeing that there are millions of people today just like those of a little over 1900 years ago, who believe on Jesus Christ and yet they don't believe Christ at all. They don't believe Jesus Christ -- but they do believe on Christ. They've heard the scripture quoted "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved," so they think that is all there is to it.

"Idolatry" And as I said before, when men have guns, they begin to use them. And when nations have hydrogen bombs, sooner or later some madman and some tyrant is going to let go and use it. It's just a case of how many months or years do we have, and it isn't going to be very many.

"What is True Spirituality?" My Friends, if someone would ask you, "What is a Christian?", how would you answer? Do you know just what a Christian is? We hear the general definition that a Christian is one who follows Christ.

"Repentance; John 9:8" Why is it my Friends that today we believe exactly the opposite of that which Jesus Christ taught and that which the Church, as it was inspired by the Holy Spirit in Apostolic days did believe -- even the churches of gentile-born converts raised up under the Apostle Paul. Why is it that today we practice customs exactly opposite to those they practice? We do not follow the customs that they followed -- that Paul taught the gentiles -- that those that he had abhorred -- that he warned them against -- that had been practiced by the pagans for many centuries before Christ. Why?

"John 9 & 10; Healing" Suppose that Jesus Christ were to walk into your church just like He walked into the Temple or the synagogues more than 1900 years ago, looking just like any other common man. Suppose that you heard Him teaching doctrines that were directly contrary to and antagonistic to those believed by your church. Would you believe your church today?

"John 10; Ministers Condemned; Healing" …. the Gospel that Jesus preached. They recognize it. The world doesn't recognize it because the carnal mind is enmity against God, and Jesus is the Word of God.



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  Understanding the Bible Side 1 Side 2
World Tomorrow Programs
T38A A Form of Godliness
HA530A A Prophet to the Nations pt 1
HA531A Bringing on Persecution
RAD8075 Christianity Is Mostly Pagan
HA244B Christ Our High Priest
RAD8069 Christ's Flesh
GSC064B Conversion
TWT21 Did God Create a Devil?
GSC022A Don't Just Believe Me
T44B False Gospels
GSC060A False Prophet
GSC053B Forerunner Paving the Way
RAD8074 God's Time Table
T44A Grace-License
RAD8079 Hades and Gehenna Explained
RAD8095 Idolatry
HA222B Interview with Art Gilmore
HA220B Is Religion Practical?
TWT2173B Is Utopia Impossible?
HA518A Jesus Came as King and Savior
HA254A Jesus' Teachings Turned Upside Down
RAD8046 Jonah's Sign
HA254B Mankind Can Destroy Himself
RAD8048 Many Deceivers Preach in Christ's Name
HA227A On the Eve of the World Tomorrow
HA248B Philippines Speech
TWT1002 Real Danger
RAD8077 Resurrection or Heaven?
HA236A Satan In Today's News
RAD8045 Sign of Jonah and Christ's Messiahship
RAD8070 Some Offended By Christ's Message
RAD8041 The Bible and Christ's Authority
TWT2171B The Holy Spirit. (Beginning cut off)
T40A Tree of Life
GSC021B The Two Trees
T36A The Two Trees #2
HA509B The Two Ways of Life
TWT2174A We are saved by Jesus' life
HA517A What Do You Mean, Salvation?
HA230B What is Jesus Doing Today? (11/17/1981; poor audio)
HA230A Where Has Jesus Been For 1900 Years? (11/18/1981; Hebrews 12)
HA252B Where is World Violence Leading?
TWT2171A Who will rule outer space? Dated 1/24/65
HA525B Why God Permits Suffering (short tape)
TWT2276B Why meet world leaders?
HA532A Woe to the Pastors, side 1 (very poor audio quality)
HA532B Woe to the Pastors, side 2 (very poor audio quality)
HA243A Woe to Sadducees/Pharisees
HA105B Worthless worship of Christ
GSC066A W.T. Tryouts: HWA, Dick, GTA , Dr. Hoeh, and Dr. Meredith
TWT22 The Bible- A Coded Book
  Is There Life After Death? Program 1 Program 2
The True Church
HA106A Church Prophesied in Our Time
HA246A Church History
HWA0003 The Church in the Middle Ages
HA519A The Seven Churches of God, Pergamos
HWA0007 Pergamos & Thyatira
HWA0006 Smyrna & Pergamos
HWA0008 Sardis, Philadelphia & Laodicea; The Day of the Lord
T39A Truth Restored
T39B Called for a Duty
  Restored Truths of the Philadelphia Era Side 1 (44:36) Side 2 (42:39)
  The Two Churches- The Great World Church and the Church of God Program 1 Program 2
  Why the Church? 2/28/1982 Side 1 Side 2
  Why the Church? (3/6/82) Side 1 (44:03) Side 2 (30:10)
  Why are so few called now? What, why, who is the church? 6/5/1982 Side 1 Side 2 Side 3 Side 4
TWT2191B What is the true church?
HA071A Which is the True Church?
HA507A The One True Church
T35A One True Church
HWA0002 The True Church
HA101A True Conversion - A Way of Life!
HA256A We're being judged now (Incomplete sermon, 10/1/1976)
RAD8021 What The True Church Will Be Like
RAD8036 The True Church Does God's Will
RAD8090 What is the True Church Like? (Part 1)
RAD8091 What is the True Church Like? (Part 2)
RAD8092 What is the True Church Like? (Part 3)
RAD8093 What is the True Church Like? (Part 4)
  The Church is a New Civilization Side 1 Side 2
  Warning to the Church Side 1 (52:49) Side 2 (43:05)
HA540A Falling Away pt 1
HA540B Falling Away pt 2 541 True Church in History 542 Contending for the Faith
HA103A End Time Falling Away
HA2030A Sermon dated 2/4/84. What to do if leadership leaves the truth. Side 1/2 Labeled: Tape 2
T45A Apostasy From Truth
T37A Apostasy Foretold. No one can any possibly claim that "Armstrong never preached Christ" after listening to this broadcast.
Garner Ted Armstrong
The World Tomorrow - with Garner Ted Armstrong
listed by date aired
1960+ 1975 in Prophecy 1
  1975 in Prophecy 2
  A Time of Crime
  Christ's Coming
  Just What is God
  Life in the USA
  The Gospel Series 1
  The Gospel Series 2
  Why Bible Prophecy
1964 How Would Jesus Vote
  Panorama of the Bible 1
  Panorama of the Bible 2
  Panorama of the Bible 3
  Panorama of the Bible 4
  Panorama of the Bible 5
  The Story of Adam
1966 Child Rearing
  From West Berlin
  The Fourth Commandment
  True Education
  What is a Real Christian
1970's Russia in Prophecy
  Seven Proofs God Exists
  The Gospel of Jesus (tv audio)  
  To Ruin a Marriage
1972 What is the True Gospel (tv audio)
1973 The Financial Economy (tv audio)  
1974 Fourcorners
  Ancient Mythology
  Bible Prophecy
  Changing Human Nature
  Easter and the Quartodecimins
  End-Time Campaign in New Orleans
  False Beliefs
  False Prophets
  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 (tv audio)
  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 (tv audio)
  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3 (tv audio)
  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 4 (tv audio)
  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 5 (tv audio)
  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 6 (tv audio)
  Heart Health and Exercise
  Heaven and the Resurrection 1
  Heaven and the Resurrection 2
  Human Nature
  Human Vanity
  Jeremiah 1 (tv audio)
  Jeremiah 2
  Middle East Crisis
  Oregon Campaign
  Origin of Easter 1
  Origin of Easter 2
  Origin of Easter 3
  Playing God
  Questions Answered
  The Big News
  The Coming World Government
  The Fortieth Anniversary of the Plain Truth
  The Fortieth Anniversary of the World Tomorrow
  The Gospel
  The History of Bread
  The Kingdom of Christ (tv audio)
  The Life and Times of Jesus 1 (tv audio)
  The Life and Times of Jesus 2 (tv audio)
  The Missing Dimension in Knowledge 1
  The Missing Dimension in Knowledge 2
  The Modern Romans NY
  The Occult 2
  The Occult 3
  The Occult Explosion
  The Sermon on the Mount
  The Unpardonable Sin 1 (tv audio)
  The Unpardonable Sin 2
  Twelve Rules to Rear a Delinquent
  What Good is Religion (tv audio)
  Who Was Jesus
  World Government is Almost Here
  World Government
  Your Religion
  Youth Drug Scene
1976 Crime Can Be Stopped
  Events in South Africa
  Fulfilled Prophecy
  In Pasadena
  Nuclear Destruction
  Nuclear Energy (tv audio)
  Ocean Pollution
  The Modern Romans 1976
  The Rhodesian Situation
  What is Human Nature
1977 After Death (tv audio)
  Being Born Again
  Best Efforts
  Bible Misconceptions
  Crime Crisis
  GTA in Australia
  Has God Changed
  Heaven and the Resurrection 5536 (tv audio)
  Heaven and the Resurrection 5537 (tv audio)
  Human Nature is the Problem
  Misassumptions About Xmas & the Sabbath (tv audio)
  Misplaced Blame
  Modern Romanlike Society
  Questions and Answers
  Read the Book
  Salvation Supermarket (tv audio)
  South Africa
  Spiders (tv audio)
  Thanksgiving (tv audio)
  The Watchman (tv audio)
  Time Chance and Circumstance
1978 Has the Pulpit Lost its Power (tv audio)
  How Jesus Appeared (tv audio)
  How the Real Jesus Acted (tv audio)
  I Will Come Again (tv audio)
  Missionaries and Salvation
  Newscaster (tv audio)
  Second Coming (tv audio)



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